LeBron James Gives 2-Word Description Of Carmelo Anthony

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James has nothing but words of praise for most of his former teammates, including Carmelo Anthony. This time the Los Angeles Lakers superstar took to his Twitter to share a simple description of Melo. The video he shared features Melo in his preseason opener.

In other words, LeBron likes pretty much everything Melo does on the basketball court. The 36-year-old seems to be impressed.

LeBron James respects Carmelo Anthony

Melo gave the Trail Blazers a nice game off of the bench. He finished the night with 21 points and four boards in 23 minutes of action. The veteran went 8-for-13, and made three of his attempts from behind the arc.

The Trail Blazers smashed the Sacramento Kings in a 127-102 win.

LeBron is a fan of his Banana Boat crewmate. It was an incredible shoutout.

Let’s just say that LeBron will always support his teammate.  Of course, this won’t happen if they play against each other. LeBron and Melo entered the NBA in 2003, but their careers took different pathways. They didn’t have the same success on the field, but they definitely share a strong bond off the court. LeBron even encouraged the Lakers to sign his former teammate. It didn’t happen, and the topic is long forgotten.

Carmelo has an excellent game on Friday, and this is more than great news for his fans. The NBA veteran didn’t have a home in the NBA for much of the 2019. However, he is part of the Portland Trail Blazers right now. Melo showed everyone that he is a capable contributor. The veteran got a nice role in the depleted frontcourt. Melo ended the 2019-20 season with 15.4 points and 6.3 rebounds per game with the team.

It was a nice showing, and Portland gave Melo another one-year deal worth $2.6 million. We don’t know if he will be equally good in the upcoming season. It’s more than certain that Melo will do his best to play high-end basketball and lead his team to another spectacular win. Portland decided to trust him, and he is grateful for the opportunity.