LeBron James’ Message For Marc Gasol Is Going Viral

The Los Angeles Lakers played really well this offseason, and Rob Pelinka got some of the best players from the market. LA will play with a stronger roster in the 2020-21 NBA season. Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell, and many others joined the team, and the Lakers have the best playmakers right now. The regular season will start on Dec. 22, and the king of basketball has something to say about one of his teammates. Four-time NBA champion LeBron James delivered a message for Marc Gasol right before the season.

King James is happy to have Gasol on the roster, and would love to ask him about the Defensive Player of the Year in 2013.

“Happy to have Marc, another champion. He won with the Raptors two years ago,” LeBron said. “Marc has my Defensive Player of the Year trophy at his house, but that’s not here or there.”

LeBron is an elite defender, but he has never won the Defensive Player of the Year award. Strange, right? But he has four rings and four NBA Finals MVP awards. That says pretty much everything you need to know about him.

LeBron and Davis led the NBA last season, and they are ready to do the same. They made the best duo in the league, and LA won the first title in a decade as a result of their incredible chemistry. Los Angeles will have a better roster this season, and LeBron will play his best basketball in order to win fifth ring. It’s more than obvious that he would play even better than he used to do this past season.

When it comes to Gasol, he is more than excited for the opportunity to play alongside the kind.

“Just learning, being part of that, and trying to add my experience to make the team a little better, if possible,” the Spanish native said. “The attributes that I have as a player, obviously there’s some things I don’t have. I don’t have above-the-rim lob threat all the time but I can do a lot of other stuff to help the team win and be better and help my teammates be better as well.”