Marc Gasol Has Savage Response to LeBron James’ 2013 DPOY Claim

Marc Gasol has yet to play a game with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he has already made some comments regarding four-time NBA champion LeBron James and his DPOY claims. Yes, King James said that he should have won the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2013 instead of Gasol. The Spanish native took notice of his comments and shared his take on the situation.

Gasol did an interview with ESPN and used the opportunity to talk about LeBron’s DPOY comments. According to Gasol, his former Memphis Grizzlies teammate Tony Allen was more deserving of the honors than the king that season.

“I believe that trophy is for the Grizzlies in 2013. I think the team that deserved to have that trophy was the Grizzlies. For some reason, they picked me. If anybody, the one that should have claimed that trophy was Tony Allen, from my point of view. At the same time, from the First All-Defensive Team, I believe I should be there. But I don’t, and I don’t care. We (LeBron) can have a laugh about it if he wants. If not, I’m sure he can get that this year if he wants to.”

Marc Gasol may change his mind on LeBron and his DPOY comments

LeBron is the greatest basketball player of all time. He is an excellent leader, and his teams have won a lot of games thanks to his dominant power on the basketball court. But this doesn’t change the fact that the Grit N’ Grind Grizzlies gave their opponents a big headache that season. Gasol and his squad were pretty scary on the floor, and everyone knows that. Even the best offensive teams had a hard time going against the 2013 Grizzlies squad.

The Lakers superstar has talked about this for many years. King James made the All-Defensive First Team. Tyson Chandler and Joakim Noah tied for most votes for center.

Regardless of this situation, both LeBron and Gasol are excited to share the court in the upcoming season. Gasol is already planning his plays with the king, and LeBron could definitely use a new star in clutch moments.