Matthew Slater Delivers Important Message For UCLA After Bill Belichick Visit

New England Patriots captain Matthew Slater got a chance to return to his alma mater. Now he has a message for UCLA and head coach Bill Belichick got the best of the visit.

UCLA was hosting the Patriots on the West Coast road trip. Coronavirus restrictions forced Patriots players to stay in an on-campus hotel. They also got a chance to use the Bruins practice field and weight rooms. However, that’s pretty much everything they got to use.

“Yeah, those guys have been giving me a hard time all week,” Slater told reporters Tuesday. “It’s been great to be back here. This place means so much to me for so many reasons. I truly believe some of my most important, formative years happened at this university. And when I say that, I mean well beyond what happened on the football field. I came in here a 17-year old-kid and I left with a better idea of who I was as a man, and what I wanted to stand for and represent.”

Slater talks about UCLA and Bill Belichick comments during his visit

In between getting ready for the Week 14 game against the Los Angeles Rams, Patriots coach Belichick had plenty of time to return the favor and talk to the UCLA football team Tuesday.

Ahead of the Bruins’ rivalry game against USC these days, Belichick is definitely the best speaker out there. Slater was once in the team’s position and he wanted to deliver one special message to this Bruins team.

“Hopefully they were paying attention and gleaning as much as possible,” the Patriots special teams captain said. “That’s the best teacher in the history of the game.”

Slater knows best. He studies history at UCLA and spent some time with Belichick. Moreover, he and Belichick have worked together since 2008. This sure means a thing, and Slater uses the best of his experience to teach younger players a lesson.

New England is getting ready for the game against the Rams and it’s a must-win game for the team. Slater and his teammates will be leading the way for the organization and players are more than ready to finish the season with great success.