Report: New England Patriots Demote Special Teams Hero

Head coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots aren’t done changing the roster. Fans may not be happy with some of the moves. The Patriots decided to relegate one special teams member.

NFL analysts have always praised the team for its willingness to shuffle the active and practice units each week. New England is not the only team to do that. Most NFL teams make these changes in order to get the best of this awful season.

In one of the most recent moves, Belichick sent veteran wideout Donte Moncrief back to the practice unit after he played his second straight game since signing with the organization three weeks ago. Let’s not forget that Moncrief had one of the biggest plays in the Patriots’ win over the Arizona Cardinals. Moncrief had a 53-yard kickoff-return in the fourth quarter to help set up a score for the team. Arizona had just scored and extended the lead to 10-0. The Patriots offense needed a boost and Moncrief provided the team with the help players needed.

Patriots to sign their special teams hero

NFL analysts were happy to see other players besides Gunner Olszewski back to return kicks. No one thought that Moncrief would finish the job. He hasn’t returned kicks as a professional, but this opportunity was golden.

Moncrief is one of the team’s most experienced receivers. We are not counting Julian Edelman in this one. The Patriots placed him on the COVID-19/reserve list Monday. Moncrief is the only recenver on the Patriots roster with over 40 NFL games in his resume.

Edelman, Moncrief, and Damiere Byrd are the only players who have seen action in at least 20 games. Moncrief is still trying to adjust to the Belichick’s system but Patriots coaches do trust him.

The Patriots sent Moncrief back to the practice unit but the team has used all of his elevations for the season. If Belichick wants him back on the field, they will have to sign him for the rest of the season.

Belichick and the Patriots have a road game on the schedule.