Report: Rajon Rondo Being Sued For Assaulting Woman While His GF Struck Her in Head

Former Los Angeles Lakers veteran guard Rajon Rondo is caught in the middle of a big scandal following the allegations of him assaulting a woman.

The veteran guard is facing a lawsuit for $1 million because of a horrible parking dispute in which he assaulted the lady.

According to TMZ Sports, Toktam Jorshari and Rondo’s girlfriend live in the same apartment complex. On July 28, she parked in the spot next to the veteran guard to unload the table she had just bought.

Her car blocked Rondo, and he couldn’t enter on the driver’s side of his Rolls Royce SUV. Yes, it’s a $300,000 ride.

Jorshari claims that Rondo first screamed at her and then shove her against the vehicle.

“‘B****, why do you think you can park here?’ Rajon allegedly shouted at Jorshari,” reported TMZ. “Jorshari claims Rondo was wearing a COVID mask at the time of the incident … but was screaming so angrily, it slipped down under his nose — causing her to fear for her health and safety. But, Jorshari says things escalated from there — and at one point, Rondo ‘with an extended arm, pushed and shoved [Jorshari] against her vehicle.’”

Surveillance videotape to show whether Rajon Rondo was assaulting the woman

The woman said Rondo pushed her really hard. The shove “was so violent and forceful that [Jorshari’s] sandal shoe flew off her foot and her keys which she held in her hand flew out of her hand and broke into two pieces when the key fell onto the ground.”

Rondo’s girlfriend was there’ too. She got involved in the assault. Jorshari filed a lawsuit alleging assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy.

“Once she was on the ground, Jorshari claims Rondo’s girlfriend ‘proceeded to repeatedly physically attack [Jorshari] by striking her in the area of her head and upper body,’ reported TMZ. “Jorshari claims she did not fight back — and insists it was Rondo who gave his GF the ‘green light’ to attack in the first place.”

Jorshari claims that she suffered an injury in the attack. She also has the surveillance videotape to confirm her claims.

Rondo was recovering from his hand injury back then. His Lakers teammates were already in the Orlando bubble. Today, Rondo works out with his new team – the Atlanta Hawks.