Watch: Cam Newton Scores 1-Yard Touchdown vs Chargers

Veteran quarterback Cam Newton ended up on the Patriots injury report this week but this didn’t stop him from hitting a touchdown.

NFL analysts were worried about Newton’s performance heading into Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers. It’s a must-win game for the Patriots and they won’t give up without a good fight.

Newton is definitely ready to play his best football and he shocked opponents with his one-yard touchdown. Oh, Bill Belichick did a good job this past spring. The Patriots decided to trust Newton and his MVP performance. He had his struggles throughout the season, but this touchdown is more than enough to shut down doubters.

Cam Newton to hit another touchdown

The 2015 NFL MVP was limited in practice due to an abdominal injury. Newton ended up on the Patriots injury report for the first time this season. This doesn’t apply to the time he missed in October following his positive COVID-19 test. Newton had to miss the game against the Kansas City Chiefs and it was a loss for the Patriots.

Jeff Howe from The Athletic was among the first to report on Newton’s readiness to win the game in Week 13.

NFL experts predicted that Newton would push his completion percentage above 65%. The Patriots starting quarterback has never had a completion percentage of over 65%. Truth is, he didn’t need to. Newton had some struggles with his accuracy and we all know that he is a 60% passer.

The Chargers have one of the best secondary in the NFL. Newton seems to be right back on the track and his great performance will give Pats a chance to win this game. The quarterback was expected to take shots downfield and go for check down passes to running backs and tight ends.

Head coach Belichick was pretty positive about his decision to bring Newton in New England. He benched him after throwing an interception but didn’t really give Jarrett Stidham a chance to take over his position.