Watch: Lakers’ Anthony Davis’ Move On Bench Is Going Viral

The Los Angeles Lakers are packed with talent and great players. The franchise will enter the upcoming season with a strong roster. NBA analysts predict great season for LeBron James and his teammates. When it comes to his Lakers teammates, we’d like to turn the focus to one particular player. Anthony Davis’ routine on the Lakers bench came like a shock to many fans.

You read that right. The Lakers big man shocked his fans during Friday’s preseason match against the Phoenix Suns. LA defeated the Suns in a 114-113 challenge. Their 4-0 record looks perfect. Phoenix is 0-4. LeBron’s team will open the regular season against his city rivals. Let’s not forget that Lakers players have defeated Clippers twice this preseason.

Davis didn’t play in the games against Kawhi, but he did play in Friday’s game against the Suns. He had a nice game, finishing his preseason with 35 points, six rebounds and three assists in 30 minutes on the floor. But, these numbers are nothing in comparison to his bench routine.

The big man caught everyone’s attention during his time on the bench. Believe it or not, Davis was trimming his toenails on the bench.

Anthony Davis’ bench routine is crazy

Athletes pay special attention to their feet. It’s like the most important part of their body. But, clipping your toenails on the bench is not really a good idea. Cameras are everywhere and they spot even the tiniest detail.

Davis’ routine wasn’t that crazy or insane. But, some fans felt pretty uncomfortable while watching the video. The Lakers superstar has yet to share his reaction to this video. He hasn’t made any comments though. Maybe he is perfectly fine with it. One thing stands for sure. Davis has to get everything trimmed to perfection before Tuesday’s season opener against the Clippers.

LA won two preseason games against the Clippers. Let’s not forget that they played without LeBron and AD. Marc Gasol didn’t play either. Talen Horton-Tucker, Kyle Kuzma and the rest of the guys did an excellent job. Kawhi and Paul George played in the preseason but their talent wasn’t enough to help the Clippers win their games.