Anthony Davis Had Hilarious Reaction to Toe Injury News

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel told media members that big man Anthony Davis sustained a toe injury in Tuesday’s win over the Houston Rockets. According to the head coach, Vogel injured the big toe on his left foot. Davia was set to miss the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Of course, it’s a minor injury and Davis was good to play.

It’s interesting to note that Davis knew nothing about Vogel’s comments on his injury. He didn’t even know that Vogel had told others about his injury. The big man was pretty shocked when members of the media started asking questions about his X-Ray.

Davis sustained his injury on a play with a rebound. He fell to the ground and tried to kick it to LeBron James. He kicked the floor and ended up dealing with a soreness.

“It was on a play with a rebound, but I was falling to the ground, I tried to kick it to LeBron, I think he ended up saving it and I forgot the rest of the play,” he said. “It’s kind of like I just kicked the floor with my toe. I got X-rays to make sure everything was fine. It’s a little sore now.”

In both games against Houston, Davis scored 46 points on 20 field-goal attempts. He made 16 of these attempts and went 13-for-14 from the free-throw line. The Lakers big man blocked eight shots and was a plus-50 when it comes to on-court plus/minus.

Anthony Davis played despite his toe injury

Houston played really bad and the Lakers had their best game. James Harden’s now-former team managed only 39.2% shooting.

Davis criticized the Lakers defense following the loss against the San Antonio Spurs. But, the defense improved and Davis is pretty happy.

“We’re starting to find ourselves defensively,” the big man said, “finding out the team we want to be, a team who plays harder than the other team, a team who plays scrappy and physical. We’ve been getting a lot of fast-break points over the last couple of games and that starts with our defense. We gotta keep this going, keep being a defensive-minded first team and the rest of it will come easy for us.”

Hopefully, Davis will manage to stay healthy. He missed two games so far in the season due to his adductor strain.