Anthony Davis Just Signed a $190 Million Contract With the Lakers, but He Saves His Money for a Life Beyond Basketball

The Los Angeles Lakers offered Anthony Davis a five-year contract. He agreed to sign the $190 million deal with the franchise right after winning his first ring as a Laker.

So, how will AD spend his money? Believe it or not, the Lakers big man has an interesting approach to money. AD is a fan of fancy cars, but he decided to save most of his millions for his post-basketball life. Of course, Davis will have to retire at some point.

Davis is still a young player. He can buy whatever he wants. This doesn’t change the fact that he still thinks of his future.

Anthony Davis will save most of the money from his contract

Professional athletes earn a lot these days. In the 2019-20 season, the Lakers front office offered Davis a max extension worth under $150 million. However, he declined the deal and decided to become a free agent. It was just a formality. Davis agreed to accept the next offer. This is not the entirety of his wealth. Spotrac’s financial data suggests that AD earned $120 million before the 2020-21 season. CelebrityNetWorth also estimates that Davis’ fortune will keep growing in the future.

“If it’s not a car, I’m, like, nah,” Davis said in an interview with Josh Martin shared on CloseUp360. “Because my thing I look at is life after basketball. You’re not gonna play this game for a long time. I wanna be able to put myself in a position for my future where I can sit around and maybe do nothing for the rest of my career. When you finish when you’re 35, 40 years old, you got another 40, 50 years to live. Now, what are you gonna do with this time if you don’t save your money? So everything else, I save, I don’t spend at all.”

We have heard those stories about former athletes who went broke following their sports careers. AD will do his best to prevent this. He is pretty cautionary with his millions.

Davis is on a good way to win his second ring, and he will be working with a group of talented players. LA has a 7-3 record at the moment.