Anthony Davis Picks Top Lakers Shooters, Has Unexpected Ranking for LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis was ranking the shooters among his teammates, and LeBron James got an interesting position. Well, some say AD was just being honest. Guess what… He didn’t rank himself first. Davis didn’t rank the Laker who has made the fourth-most shots in league history in the top position.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said LeBron is the best shooter on the roster. AD has something else to say on the topic. He ranked LeBron third and placed Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on the top. Wesley Matthews ranked second.

AD acknowledged that LeBron has an excellent shooting performance this season. He is making 48.6% of his shots and 38.2% of his 3-pointers. This is his best percentage of shots from the arc since the 2012-13 NBA season. LeBron is making 72.8% of his free throws, and that’s his best rate during his time with the franchise.

“Bron has been shooting the ball extremely well this year,” AD said. “Obviously, Kenny has been shooting the ball. … But I would have to say, Kenny is always our guy we look to for shots. Wes is still struggling to find a consistent 3, he’s getting open looks, but I would still put Wes up there, he’s a sniper. Kenny, Wes, I’ll put Bron third just because this year he has been able to shoot the ball extremely well.”

Anthony Davis has an interesting ranking for LeBron and KCP

When it comes to LeBron, he said that the team has several great shooters. He may not be the best of the group, and his comments were pretty surprising.

“I mean, we got a lot of great shooters on the team, man. KCP is a great shooter, Wes Matthews, great shooter. Kuz can shoot the heck out fo the ball. Dennis the Menace can shoot the ball as well. AD can shoot the ball. So we got a lot of great, knock-down shooters. Obviously if someone says, ‘bet,’ obviously you guys know I’m going to take myself. That’s just the competitive nature in me and the work ethic that I put into my shot. I feel real good with my shot right now, both from the free-throw line and also from the 3-point line and I want to continue that. You know, just giving defenses different styles of my play.”

Having KCP at No.1 is amazing. Both LeBron and AD praised his shooting skills. Let’s not forget that KCP struggled with his shooting throughout his entire career.