Chase Winovich ‘Mouth’ Reportedly Has Patriots Concerned

Chase Winovich is doing a great job with the New England Patriots, but the team has one major concern at the moment. Wino will have to change his behavior if he wants to stay with the team in the future.

The second-year linebacker surprised everyone with his pass-rusher potential in 2020. Wino showed similar flashes in his rookie season. However, the linebacker also saw some struggles.

The linebacker was pretty optimistic about his season with the Patriots. Head coach Bill Belichick shares the same opinion. However, fans and experts noticed something. There were some concerns about Wino’s personality, too.

Chase Winovich to iron out his differences with the Patriots

Greg Bedard from Boston Sports Journal published a shocking column suggesting that the Patriots have issues with some of their younger players. He supported his report with a sourced info.

“Had a monster game against the Jets, which we also saw earlier in the season. In between? Just a sub-rusher role. Why? Because he can’t be counted on a down-to-down basis to Do His Job on the edge, and I’m not sure the team will ever trust him to do that — he’s almost certain to have competition at the position next year. There’s also the issue of his mouth, which is a concern internally because he rarely thinks he’s wrong and is a bit of a locker room lawyer (sounds like someone around here who writes about football). I’ve floated moving him to (inside linebacker) but that has been shot down because if of the lack of faith he will consistently do the correct things within the scheme.”

According to this report, Wino is a player who has yet to acquiesce to some demands of the “Patriot Way.” Well, this doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with Winovich. He just may not be a good fit for the Patriots.

Hopefully, Winovich will iron out his differences with the team. He will have a big role on the roster if given a chance. Head coach Bill Belichick was impressed with Wino’s talent, and he predicted great things for the talented player. Let’s see what happens next with the linebacker.