Deshaun Watson Latest Tweet Fuels More Patriots Trade Talk

The Houston Texans may be dealing with a big problem now. The team is dealing with several major issues at the moment, and they may lose their superstar. This leads us all the way to the New England Patriots. Will Deshaun Watson join the Patriots through a trade deal?

New England will definitely try to catch Watson if he decides to leave Houston. Watson’s most recent tweet adds fuel to the fire.

It’s a cryptic tweet, but NFL experts got the message.

Deshaun Watson to join the Patriots through a massive trade deal

Watson probably refers to his anger level with the organization. Almost every NFL team is interested in getting the young quarterback. The 25-year-old is playing his best football, and he is definitely a good fit for the Patriots. Head coach Bill Belichick will address the quarterback situation this offseason. The Texans will soon make a decision on their young quarterback, and Belichick will try to get the best of it.

There’s one major problem. To get Watson, NFL teams will have to give up on their draft picks and even talented veterans. New England has enough picks in the next three drafts. NFL analysts discussed Stephon Gilmore’s potential departure. So, yes, the Patriots can get Watson, but they will have to give up on Gilmore and a few draft picks. Is Belichick willing to take the risk?

Former New York Jets safety Jamal Adams had 2 first-round draft picks when he joined the Seattle Seahawks. When it comes to Watson, he will surely go with 3 first-round picks.

New England will have to work with the second, third, and maybe even fourth-round picks if they try to get the talented player. Watson has a great value, and Belichick may try to outbid other teams. The quarterback has excellent skills and the Patriots will have to pay a lot of money.

Let’s see how will the Patriots finish the offseason. They have a few major issues to handle, and finding a signal-caller for the team is a must. Cam Newton may not stay with the Patriots after all. Belichick has the final word in this case.