Ex-Patriot Weighs In On Tom Brady Sr.’s ‘Hot Seat’ Remark About Bill Belichick

Tom Brady Sr. made people ask questions with his remark on Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. The legendary coach has made nine Super Bowl appearances and won six Lombardi Trophies during his time with the team. Unlike most NFL coaches, Belichick does not have to worry about the hot seat. Well, Brady Sr. has something else to say about this.

Tom Brady left the Patriots last March and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. New England had a hard time throughout the entire season and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Is Belichick uncomfortable with this?

Brady Sr. has great words for Patriots owner Robert Kraft. According to him, “Robert’s been a spectacular owner for 25 years.” The proud dad respects everything Kraft and Belichick did for his son. TB12 was respected in New England and he had great relationship with the owner. His dad knows that Kraft roots for Brady now. He made these comments right after his son and his Bucs teammates made the Super Bowl. Yes, Brady will make his 10th Super Bowl appearance with his new team.

“I’m guessing he’s on a little bit of a hot seat right now,” Brady Sr. said of Belichick. Did he just take a jab at the Patriots head coach?

Rob Ninkovich explains Brady’s remark on Bill Belichick

Former Patriot Rob Ninkovich talked about this during his appearance on “The Greg Hill Show.” He was part of the Patriots for eight seasons, so he knows Belichick really well.

“As far as the hot seat thing, I don’t think he means anything about his job security or anything like that,” Ninkovich said. “It’s just like, Tom goes to the Super Bowl and the Pats look like they have to turn this whole thing around, so all eyes are going to be on the Patriots and how they move forward this offseason. That’s pretty much how I took it.”

Brady Sr. praised the Patriots nation for treating his son like the GOAT he is. He put an end to the Brady vs. Belichick debate, saying, “We’ve got Patriot blood in our veins.” The brilliant quarterback has nothing but words of praise for his former team. In other words, there are no winners or losers in this case.