Frank Vogel Responds To Anthony Davis’ Frustration About Lakers Defense

The Los Angeles Lakers relied heavily on their defense in the 2019-20 NBA season. It looks like players are having some obstacles on the way. Lakers big man Anthony Davis is far from happy with the defense, and NBA experts agree with the comments he made. LA is at the beginning of the regular season and has a 7-3 record. Head coach Frank Vogel addressed the comments AD made regarding the Lakers defense.

Lakers players had a relatively short offseason. The roster saw too many changes. It was hard for players to get up to speed without any difficulties. AD was pretty critical of the Lakers defense following the team’s loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Vogel agrees with him but encourages his players to be more patient in the process.

“Well, coming into [Thursday] night’s game, we were second in the league in defense,” Vogel said. “We had a terrible defensive night, so I understand his frustrations. I felt the same exact way, but at the same time, it’s early in the season. It’s a process. We’re learning a new group and we’re evolving as a team. This is just part of the process. We had bumps in the road, very similar to [Thursday] night, early in the season last year. It’s just something we have to continue to work at each day. Not a big concern of mine.”

Frank Vogel isn’t concerned about the Lakers defense

The Lakers had impeccable defense and AD would love to see more than that. He would never come up with an excuse for all the defensive mistakes. Vogel, on the other hand, is taking the long view. According to Davis, the Lakers have to improve the defensive game in order to win another championship.

Los Angeles gave up 118 points against the Spurs. They couldn’t contain LaMarcus Aldridge. The talented player finished the night with 28 points. Vogel offered an explanation of the poor defensive effort against San Antonio.

“Again, I don’t think it was 100% us lacking,” the Lakers head coach said. “I think sometimes you have to credit your opponent, and the Spurs shot the heck out of the basketball from the perimeter. We were a little bit slow to some coverages early in the game, but Aldridge gives them a different dynamic.

“The way we were guarding Patty Mills in particular, trying to bring two to the ball every time he came off screens, it worked a lot better when LaMarcus Aldridge was not out there. When he was out there, it created some problems that we had to adjust throughout the game. When we did play good defense, they swung the ball around and hit a guarded shot.

“Sometimes there’s a perfect storm of breakdowns early and when you do get it right, guys hit tough shots. Just one of those nights.”

LA has plenty of talent on this roster. Building a good defense is not an issue for Vogel. He is working with an excellent group.