Here’s How Bill Belichick Feels About Medal Of Freedom Honor

US President Donald Trump decided to give New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick the Medal of Freedom and it’s definitely a great honor. The relationship between Belichick and the current President of the US has been making headlines for quite some time. But, Belichick has a chance to get the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Sadly, this happens right after the attack on the US Capitol Building. Protesters stormed into the building and it was one of the worst nightmares in 2020. How does Belichick feel about this?

NFL fans, experts, coaches and players say that Belichick should decline the award. There are too many controversies surrounding the President. It’s a great honor, but it happens in such a terrible time. One thing stands for sure, Belichick is not someone who is bothered with the opinion of others. He is all about winning games.

Bill Belichick to receive the Medal of Freedom honor

ProFootballTalk reported that Belichick “very much wants to accept” the Medal of Freedom. Moreover, this award is “a greed honor” for him.

President Donald Trump will have to leave the office next week. His award ceremony has to happen by then. In other words, Belichick has to make a decision these days. There isn’t too much time to think about the situation.

The Boston media and the Massachusetts government doesn’t like the idea of Belichick accepting the award.

“Just FYI: If Bill Belichick accepts the Presidential Medal of Freedom from a man who sought to tear down the US government, an active enemy of our country, not only am I done w/the Patriots forever but, Belichick’s legacy as a coach will forever come with a big ugly asterisk,” columnist David Rothkopf wrote.

“If this story about Bill Belichick accepting a Medal of Freedom from the disgraced occupant of the White House is true, he’s dead to me. Say it ain’t so, Bill. I sincerely hope this is Fake News,” The Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan said.

Hopefully, Belichick will clear the situation without these days. But, we also know that he is a person who doesn’t think about stories of this kind.