Insider Explains How Lakers Can Land Former Starting Big Man

The Los Angeles Lakers traded JaVale McGee in the offseason in order to get Marc Gasol. McGee started in 130 of the Lakers’ 143 games in the last two seasons. However, the team decided to move on from him. Will the Lakers ever try to bring the former big man back to the roster? Do they regret the trade?

The Lakers haven’t made any comments about the decision. However, it’s more than obvious that they lack athleticism and size at center. Former player-turned analyst Kendrick perkins called on the franchise to re-sign McGee. Things can get really awkward at this point. Eric Pincus from Bleacher Report has an idea for the Lakers. Maybe they could follow his scenario.

If the Lakers want to re-require McGee, they will have to do a lot of work.

McGee was an excellent fit for the Lakers. He found the perfect way to adjust to the system. His role sort of diminished in last year’s playoff run, but, he was very active on the Lakers bench. If McGee returns, Lakers players will be more than happy.

LA Lakers may not go after the former big man

One thing stands for sure. The Lakers won’t get McGee this year. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a 5-7 start of the regular season and they are doing their best to get into the playoffs as the eighth seed in the East. McGee is not a starter now and plays as a backup for Andre Drummond. Even if the Cavs cut him, Los Angeles Won’t be able to sign him at the same moment.

Los Angeles traded McGee for a reason. They don’t look too motivated to bring him back. The franchise showed interest in getting several players in last year’s trade deadline. General Manager Rob Pelinka didn’t make any moves and followed the buyout market. This season, there are almost no trade rumors related to the storied franchise.

The Brooklyn Nets got James Harden, but Los Angeles is considered a favorite to win the title. LeBron James plays his best basketball and he is getting a lot of help from his teammates. Anthony Davis had a good debut with the Lakers but is taking a different approach this season.