Latest on Cam Newton Potential Return to the Patriots

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick likes veteran quarterback Cam Newton and this may help him return to the Patriots in 2021. Although Newton had a terrible debut with the team, the Patriots coaching staff is pretty satisfied with his performance. His running game was awesome, but his passing performance was far from ideal. Some experts believe that the Patriots will part ways with their signal-caller. Maybe we should wait and see what happens next.

NFL insider Josina Anderson reported that the Patriots have yet to make a decision on Newton’s role with the team.

Let’s not forget that a NFL team’s ownership has a different way of seeing things when compared to the management group.

Cam Newton to return to the Patriots

Belichick and his assistants are satisfied with Newton’s performance. Fans and media members have something else to say.

Remember what happened with the Chicago Bears? The team decided to keep general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy despite the need for a chance. Bears fans hate these two. But, we should all focus on the bigger picture.

When it comes to Newton, he was definitely inaccurate at some of his short throws. He was much better than most experts predicted him to be. Truth is, Newton didn’t get much time to adjust to the new system. He signed with the Patriots in the middle of the pandemic. The team made an offer in July, and Newton had to compete with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer for the job.

That’s not all. The 2015 NFL MVP caught COVID-19 in Week 4 and missed a game. Things seemed really different in Week 3. Newton was so great that experts made headlines suggesting he would get a raise.

The organization has to make a decision and they’d do the best for the team. Belichick may consider bringing Newton back. He knows the system now and maybe the team would give him better weapons. As mentioned before, the only thing we can do right now is sit and see what happens in the 2021 NFL Draft and the post-draft period.