Latest On Possibility of a Reunion Between Jimmy Garoppolo And The Patriots

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is making headlines with his potential return to the New England Patriots. NFL analysts are pretty excited about the potential reunion and this is in no way speculation. Garoppolo may be a Patriot again.

However, the Patriots may not rush to sign the quarterback. Garoppolo has been dealing with too many injuries and inconsistency. The quarterback’s situation in San Francisco does not look that well. According to recent reports, the 49ers consider moving on from the quarterback. Garoppolo is 29 and he may soon leave the team. Of course, San Francisco has to find a better option first.

New England needs a quarterback and they have already had Garoppolo on the roster. He left the Patriots in 2017 and signed with the 49ers. Multiple reports confirm that the 2014 second-round pick may fill up the empty spot in New England. Is Bill Belichick excited about the potential reunion?

Jimmy Garoppolo may not be a fit for the Patriots

Greg Bedard from the Boston Sports Journal reported that the Patriots like Garoppolo but they are seriously worried about his injuries. The quarterback missed 25 starts, and that’s sort of confusing. Bedard wrote his report before the trade of Matthew Stafford. He was convinced that Stafford would join the 49ers.

“Ideally for the Patriots, Stafford would land with the 49ers, and Jimmy Garoppolo would become available. In that case, the 49ers might have to outright release Garoppolo in order to fit Stafford on the cap. Right now the Niners have just $10 million in available space – with a low NFL cap of $176 million.

“Yes, the Patriots would very much be open to reuniting with Garoppolo, but don’t expect them to appear desperate. Garoppolo’s lack of durability is an issue with the team and could make them play hardball with the contract. There are questions internally about how tough Garoppolo is, ultimately. Especially in comparison to Tom Brady. It doesn’t get any tougher than that. ‘Jimmy’s not exactly as tough as you would like,’ said one source.”

San Francisco entered the offseason with several options. Detroit traded Stafford and this may affect Garoppolo’s future with his current team.

The Patriots have yet to make a move. Will Cam Newton stay? Will Jarrett Stidham start games with the Patriots? There are so many questions on our list.