LeBron James, Kevin Durant Discuss Parenting And Basketball in Old Uber Commercial

NBA superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant did a commercial in 2018, and the entire basketball nation was impressed. These two discussed parenting and basketball. The Lakers superstar had some cool advice for Durant.

In 2018, Durant was playing with Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. LeBron was still a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers back them. Both superstars took part in an UNINTERRUPTED X Uber commercial. The video features LeBron and Durant discussing the game and all the challenges parenting brings.

LeBron and Durant taught everyone a lesson through their commercial

Journalist Cari Champion is also there. They discuss so many things and LeBron used the opportunity to advise Durant. They also talked about taking things to an upper level. Impressive, right? Basketball fans were really impressed with this piece.

The commercial was made in Akron, Ohio. Champion is the driver, and LeBron listed three destinations. The commercial started with Durant and LeBron talking about being the best in the NBA and elevating their game. Durant talks about LeBron’s success and his growth on the basketball court. LeBron was a high school kid who grew up to be a father of three all while dominating the world of basketball.

Durant asked LeBron as to how he manages to be a good husband and father every day. LeBron goes all the way back to his childhood. He didn’t have a father figure in his childhood and this helped him be a better dad for his kids. LeBron wanted to become a professional basketball player and also wanted to have kids early. He wanted to show his father that his choices were wrong. The Lakers superstar also reminded Durant that his was still learning.

LeBron didn’t have the best childhood but he is really successful now. He has an incredible NBA career and many would agree that he is the best basketball player of all time. LeBron works with Nike, Coca-Cola, Beats By Dre, 2K Sports and Blaze Pizza. He also owns SpringHill Entertainment and Uninterrupted.