LeBron James Reacts on James Harden Being Traded to Brooklyn Nets

LeBron James is all focused on his performance in the regular season, but this doesn’t change the fact that he follows the James Harden situation. Well, it’s not like following. LeBron is not bothered by outside noise. However, he can’t ignore all the info out there. He knows everything that happens around the NBA, and this only motivates him to keep doing his job.

Media members asked LeBron about the blockbuster trade on Wednesday. He didn’t have much to say about this trade. His reaction is sort of understandable. The king of basketball is focused on his season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The team has a 10-3 record, and LeBron is ready to help the Lakers clinch the top of the Western Conference. Paying too much attention to rumors and trades around the NBA is none of his business.

“Don’t really have too much of a reaction. … Trades happened today and I couldn’t allow myself to indulge in that knowing that we had a game that we had to play tonight.”

LeBron James to meet James Harden in the NBA Finals

When it comes to Harden, he wanted out. Simple as that. The veteran demanded a trade and the whole thing started in early November. He attracted the attention of the Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, and a few other teams. However, now of this materialized.

Things took a good turn for Harden. He signed a deal with the one team he wanted to play with. Harden wanted to play with the Brooklyn Nets this entire time. Now he has a chance to reunite with Kevin Durant. These two were teammates several years ago. They played with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The same franchise LeBron’s Lakers defeated last night.

Durant and Harden took Oklahoma to the 2012 NBA Finals. They lost the chance to win a title. LeBron was playing with the Miami Heat back then and won his championship.

If this reunion turns well, Harden and Durant may get a chance to face LeBron again in the Finals. This leads us to the following question. Kyrie Irving is absent and media members are curious about the awkward situation.