NFL Twitter Reacts To Matt Patricia Reportedly Rejoining Patriots

Matt Patricia left the New England Patriots and had great plans for his career. However, things didn’t work really well for him. The Detroit Lions fired him two months ago, and NFL experts made several predictions about Patricia’s next move. Some of them thought that Patricia would go back home. The Patriots made several changes to the coaching staff. From what we can see, head coach Bill Belichick will always have a special spot for his former assistant.

It turns out some of the reports were actually correct. Patricia will join the Patriots in 2021. Will this help the team perform better in the regular season?

Patricia was part of the Patriots from 2012 to 2017. He won two Super Bowls with the organization. According to recent reports, Patricia will return to the Patriots in “a variety of roles.” Jim McBride of The Boston Globe was among the first to confirm this.

Matt Patricia is excited about his new job with the Patriots

We don’t know much about Patricia’s role with the Patriots. He doesn’t have a traditional title. The Patriots tend to make changes and the defensive staff has been through a lot lately. NFL experts can’t wait to see Patricia’s position under his former player Jarod Mayo.

Patricia and his reputation have been making headlines for quite some times. He was a big deal back in the days, and the Patriots worked really well for him. His experience with the Detroit Lions may not affect his future career plans.

There are some hilarious reactions to Patricia’s hiring. Some of them weren’t that pleasant. But, Patricia doesn’t mind any of that. He is focused on his future with the Patriots and all the ways he can contribute to the organization. Belichick is bringing him back for a reason. Hopefully, this is a good decision for the team.

The Patriots are coming off a terrible season. Belichick and his players finished the regular season with a 7-9 record. It’s an unexpected scenario for the team, but Belichick is here to repair the damage.