Patriots’ Damien Harris Shares Powerful Message About Riots…’Everybody please read this…’

Current and former NFL players shared their thoughts on the riots at the US Capitol. Protesters stormed into the building and it was awful, a real nightmare for those who got caught in the chaos. New England Patriots star Damien Harris took to Twitter to deliver a big message. He quoted Devontae Harris, and fans supported his words. We needed something like this.

“We’re not asking you to shoot them like you shoot us, we’re asking you to NOT shoot us like you don’t shoot them,” Davontae wrote.

Harris liked the point, and quote-tweeted it.

“Everybody please read this. Then read it again… Then read it AGAIN.”

Athletes support Damien Harris and his message

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday in an attempt to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral college victory. One of the rioters lost their life and at least three other people died in the riots. The police arrested more than 80 rioters, and 50 officers sustained horrible injuries.

Athletes raised their voice and responded to the violent protests in D.C. Some noted the disparity between the response to violent protests in D.C. and the BLM protests over the summer.

Celtics stars Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum addressed the situation following Wednesday’s game.

“It reminded me of what Dr. Martin Luther King said: There are two different Americas,” Brown said. “One America, you get killed by sleeping in your car, selling cigarettes, or playing in your backyard. A second America, you get to storm the Capitol. No tear gas, no mass arrests. It’s 2021 and nothing has changed. We want to push for change we are looking for. As of yet, we have not seen it. We want to keep conversations alive and do our part.”

Hopefully, authorities will make a good move and give people the peace they are looking for. This situation affects us all. Our children are growing in this country. We need to give them a better future and stop the violence. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick won’t take the Medal of Freedom from the President, and the NFL supported his decision.