Patriots Legend Tedy Bruschi Reacts to Bill Belichick’s Decision on Medal Of Freedom

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick decided to decline the Presidential Medal of Freedom. US President Donald Trump offered Belichick the big award, but the Patriots head coach turned it down. The situation attracted the attention of many people across the nation. Most people agreed that Belichick should not get his award. That’s exactly what Belichick did. Guess who is proud of the Patriots head coach? Former linebacker Tedy Bruschi is proud of his former head coach and the decision he made regarding the Medal of Freedom.

Current and former players praised Belichick for what he did. It was a good move. There was no other way out of this situation. Had he accepted the honor, the NFL world would tore him apart. Belichick worked really hard to get this high. Accepting an award in the middle of this horrible situation would destroy everything he accomplished in his career.

“Proud to have played for this man,” Bruschi tweeted.

Tedy Bruschi approves Belichick’s decision on the Medal of Freedom

The former Patriots linebacker also cited an excerpt from Belichick’s statement.

“Above all, I am an American citizen with great reverence for our nation’s values, freedom, and democracy.”

Well, there are still people who decided to criticize Belichick despite his good move. From what we could read on Twitter, some people don’t like the choice of words Belichick made to write his statement.

The same group linked Belichick to President Trump, suggesting that their relationship is still strong. We all know that Belichick sent Trump a letter right before the elections. In December, the President named Belichick to his Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. But, critics forget one simple detail. Belichick hasn’t made any comments about his friendship with Trump. We don’t know what happened in the last four years.

Belichick has never shared his views on the President’s politics. Moreover, he has been an advocate for social justice and racial inequality. Belichick and his players raised awareness and tried to improve the situation a big. It’s a hard situation but the Patriots head coach did the right thing. He made everyone proud. It was the right thing to be done at the moment.