Patriots Reportedly ‘Involved’ in Trade Talks for Former Pro-Bowl Quarterback

The New England Patriots may trade for a Pro Bowl quarterback. Things seem to be going in their favor as Matthew Stafford has requested a trade. Guess what… The Lions will probably honor his wishes.

There’s a growing speculation regarding Stafford’s next home. Some say he will join the San Francisco 49ers. However, radio show host Dan Sileo suggests that the Patriots may try to get the talented quarterback.

Stafford will turn 33 in February. He may be past his time, but the 12-year quarterback still plays elite football. Stafford has at least 3 great seasons left in the pocket. Stafford has thrown for 45,109 yards, 282 touchdowns, and 144 interceptions in 2020, the quarterback threw for 4,084 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.

The quarterback has incredible mobility. His arm can pull out all the throws. Head coach Bill Belichick would appreciate Stafford’s skills, leadership, and toughness. If the Patriots get him, Stafford will provide great presence under center. This would increase the team’s aerial offense. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will probably remove the shackles from the offensive line he put on the signal-caller in 2020.

Patriots to trade for the veteran quarterback

Stafford has two years left on his contract. He is set to receive $43 million in the next two seasons.

Adam Schefter from ESPN reported that the Lions will ask for a first-round pick in return. Head coach Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes know that Stafford won’t be playing with the team anymore.

Phil Perry from NBC Sports mentioned Alex Smith. In 2018, the 34-year-old commanded a third-round pick and a position player.

Of course, there are great differences and similarities. Smith and Stafford are former No.1 overall draft selections. Smith was 34 and Stafford will turn 33 in February. Stafford has elite arm strength, and this adds to his value.

The Patriots will try to find the right quarterback for the team. Belichick needs to sign a group of talented weapons. New England struggled on both ends of the ball.