Patriots Reveal How Bill Belichick Would Have Reacted To Browns’ Fumble

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is the greatest head coach of all time. He doesn’t pay attention to outside noise and enjoys doing his job. The legendary coach has led the Patriots to six Super Bowls and he is pretty serious about his coaching game. How would the great Bill Belichick react to the infamous Browns fumble?

Patriots safeties Devin McCourty and Adrian Phillips tweeted about Belichick right after Browns wide receiver Rashard Higgins decided to fumble through the Kansas City Chiefs’ end zone for a quick turnover and touchback in Sunday’s divisional round game.

“Every guy who has played for Bill started screaming at the tv “DONT REACH IT”   -Dmac,” McCourty tweeted.

“Swear I just told wifey we’d have a 20min mtg bout that ,” Phillips quoted tweeted McCourty.

Well, Patriots players sure had a good laugh.

Bill Belichick teaches players a lesson through their fumble

NFL officials did miss safety Daniel Sorensen’ hit during the fumble. It was a missed penalty but it didn’t help the team at all. NFL experts would agree that this is a dumb rule. One thing stands for sure. Higgins should have shown stronger field awareness.

If you go back in the past, you will sure remember that this rule helped the Patriots a lot. It also hurt the team. Belichick can’t really complain that much. 

McCourty and Phillips had expected reactions. This means that Belichick wasn’t too happy when wide receiver N’Keal Harry did that in 2020. It was a disappointing season for the Patriots, and they finished it with a 7-9 record. Veteran quarterback Cam Newton joined the team, bringing all his skills and experience on his back. This wasn’t enough, and the Patriots lost too many games.

Belichick is expected to make a few bold decisions in the offseason. He has to address several important topics and boost the roster. New England needs to strengthen the tight end unit and bring skilled wide receivers. Teams can’t make a move until the beginning of the new season in March. NFL fans have been asking a lot of questions lately, and most of these are related to the signal-caller.