Pau Gasol Explains Why he Named His Daughter After Gianna Bryant

Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant were really close, and the Spanish native even named his daughter after Gigi. The Black Mamba and his daughter died in a tragic helicopter crash on Jan. 26, 2020. Gasol and his family were devastated after hearing the horrible news. He wanted to pay tribute to little Gianna and added her name to his daughter’s second name.

“My daughter’s full name is Elisabet Gianna Gasol,” Gasol said. “It’s a way, not just to honor Gianna, but to always have them present. They’re our family and in which way can you have them more present than to have it in your daughter’s name or your son’s?”

Pau Gasol praises Kobe Bryant’s daughter

The former Lakers star said that using this name was a straightforward decision. Gasol made a decision and didn’t change his mind. He wanted to highlight Gigi’s talent and the toughness she showed in her early childhood.

“We had more issues coming up with her first name than with her middle name. It represents so much, the name. The kindness, the heart that Gianna had, the talent, just with the toughness that she showed. Her dad and her mom in her, it’s something that has a lot of meaning to us, and that’s why she’s named Elisabet Gianna.”

Gasol watched Gigi play games with her team. The Lakers legend coached the group. The Spaniard was well aware of the fact that Gigi would carry Kobe’s legacy. Gigi was Baby Mamba and her game was special.

“She could have changed women’s basketball,” Gasol said. “Hopefully that will still happen, but she was that meaningful, that important to the game in what she could have meant. So I think it’s on us to have her present and to not let her passing take away from how much she could have impacted.”

Kobe and Gianna are no longer here, and Gasol is doing his best to continue their legacy. The Los Angeles Lakers did the same. They won the 2019-20 NBA championship in Orlando. The franchise won’t commemorate Kobe, but they are doing that out of respect for his wife Vanessa. She asked everyone to stop sharing photos of the crash. The Bryant family has hard time accepting the tragedy.