Photo: LeBron James Sent Kevin Love a Special New Year’s Gift

LeBron James and Kevin Love had really great time together in Cleveland, and the king of basketball has the perfect New Year gift for his teammate. NBA experts agree that LeBron and Love had great success with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They played with Kyrie Irving and a bunch of talented players. This group ruled the Eastern Conference and won one title. It was the first title in team history. LeBron gave Cleveland Cavaliers the title they have been waiting for. Although LeBron and Love play on different teams now, they share a really strong bond.

LeBron will never forget his time with the Cavaliers. He had two stints with the team. The first time LeBron left, the Cavaliers hated him. Fans burned his jerseys and everyone had strong words for him. LeBron returned to the team and helped them win the championship in 2016. Cavs players hard to overcome the 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors. LeBron had to go again and he is playing with the Los Angeles Lakers now. But, he has great memories from his time with the Cavaliers.

Let’s go back to Love’s friendship with LeBron.

LeBron surprises Kevin Love with great gift

The superstar took to his social media to share a photo of the special gift he received from LeBron. It was a warm and strong gift, and Love has very special thoughts of it. He really likes LeBron a lot and the king feels the same way about his former teammate. We have already seen them interact on social media.

When it comes to LeBron, he has just turned 36. We bet Love sent him a birthday gift to celebrate the occasion. LeBron is on a good way to win his second title with the Lakers. He won his first in October. The front office added more power to the roster and LeBron has a lot of powerful weapons to work with. Anthony Davis signed a contract extension with the team and he will stay in LA for a long time. Marc Gasol, Montrezl Harrell, and a few other valuable players joined LeBron in his quest for another title.