Photos: Cam Newton Arrives in LA and Causes a Stir at LAX

New England Patriots veteran quarterback Cam Newton makes headlines with pretty much every move he makes, and this time he shocked everyone at LAX. Some fans and analysts criticized the 2015 NFL MVP throughout the entire season, but this only confirms the fact that Newton is a showman. Sort of. One thing stands for sure. He creates a buzz on a daily basis.

The 31-year-old landed in LA at LAX airport and cameras were everywhere around him. Oh, it was like an avalanche of photos.

This leads us to the next question. What was the quarterback doing in the big city? Is this related to Newton’s offseason plans? The veteran is set to enter the open market this spring. However, he can’t make a decision before the start of the new NFL year in March.

Newton is definitely not meeting team representatives these days. But, he can still have a conversation with those who may bring out an offer. Newton and his potential suitor can reach an agreement after a month and a half.

Cam Newton surprises everyone at LAX

Newton’s Iconic Saga follows the quarterback’s activities in the past couple of years. We get to see some of the work on his Instagram and YouTube channel. Maybe Newton traveled to LA to do something related to his production company.

What about fashion? We all know that Newton loves his signature hats. He works with Alberto Hernandez, and the designer’s boutique is located in California. Newton doesn’t miss a chance to meet his hat guy whenever he is in LA. Maybe he visited Hernandez to get his new headpiece.

NFL experts are still trying to make the best prediction about Newton’s next move in the league. Newton likes New England, and he would definitely love to return to Bill Belichick’s roster. The Patriots head coach will soon make a decision on his quarterback position. He may go after a young veteran or franchise quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Newton is having a great time and he is positive about his situation. He didn’t stack great stacks in his debut with the Patriots, but he was a true leader for his teammates.