Report: Anthony Davis Learned a Valuable Lesson After a Regretable Endorsement Deal

The world of professional sports is not as simple as it seems to you. It’s more than just winning games. In modern world, professional players do business throughout the entire season. Big players work with great brands and their endorsement deals add more value to their net worth. Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis is super excited about getting all these offers, but he doesn’t jump in any endorsement deal on his way. Moreover, the big man will only sign a deal if it fits his personal brand and his criteria.

Davis was a first-overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft. Spotrac’s numbers suggest that Davis earned $120 million before the start of the regular season. He signed a five-year contract extension with the Lakers in the offseason. This deal will give him $190 million. Impressive, right?

In 2019, the Lakers big man confirmed his partnership with Ruffles. Forbes confirmed his deal with Beats, ExxonMobil, First Entertainment Credit Union, and Nike.

Anthony Davis is picky about every endorsement deal

The list of brands trying to connect with Davis is endless. But, AD won’t sign his deals at any cost.

“It’s all about the AD brand. I think when I’m looking at partnerships or endorsements or deals, I want them to fit me and my brand,” he told Josh Martin in a CloseUp360 interview. “Don’t want to do anything, no matter what it is, for the amount of money or just if it’s going to be a national thing. I want it to fit me, and I want to feel comfortable doing it because if it fits me and I’m comfortable doing it, I can get more into it if I’m passionate about it. So I don’t want to do anything just because.”

He had a really bad personal experience in a few years ago.

“Maybe five years ago, I did this one commercial that I kind of regret,” he explained. “I had a wig on. From that day, I would never do anything that I don’t want to do again. It paid well, but after it came out, it was, like, I got a lot of heat on it. It was bad. So I have to look at it and I see, does this fit with what I’m trying to identify as my brand? If it does, I look more into it. And if I’m really passionate about it, then it’s right.”

Davis learned his lesson and now he can make the right decision without taking part in ridiculous campaigns.