Report: Ex Patriots Offensive Lineman Intended to End His Life After His NFL Career

Athletes have great plans for their career. But Former Patriots offensive lineman Ryan O’Callaghan had different plans. His post-NFL life had nothing to do with business. He didn’t become an analyst. Sadly, O’Callaghan wanted to end his life.

O’Callaghan was brilliant offensive lineman at the University of California, Berkley, and he was drafted by a good team. The New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick selected O’Callaghan in the fifth-round in the 2006 NFL Draft. The offensive lineman played in 11 games and had six starts at right tackle in his rookie campaign. O’Callaghan saw most of his action on special teams in 2007.

The Patriots opeend the season with 18 straight wins. Eli Manning, David Tyree, and the New York Giants had a 17-14 win in Super Bowl 42.

But, O’Callaghan missed 2008 due to an injury. The team cut him in September 2009. The Kansas City Chiefs and Scott Pioli signed the player. O’Callaghan played in 14 games with 12 starts in 2009. The team gave him a special teams role in the following season. The offensive lineman played in 11 games and started one for Matt Cassell and the AFC West Division title-winners.

Unfortunately, O’Callaghan suffered another season-ending injury in 2011. He brought his career to an end after the season. O’Callaghan played in 51 games in four seasons.

Scott Pioli saved the life of the former Patriots offensive lineman

O’Callaghan wanted to committ suicide after the end of the season. He spent his NFL career playing a different role. He used the game as a cover for his personall life.

“I was going to shoot myself. It was the easy way. I didn’t look at it as being selfish. You know I used to think we all have the right to disappear. It’s our body.”

Outsports reported that O’Callaghan even wrote a suicide note and left it at his small cabin outside Kansas City.

O’Callaghan did his physical therapy at the Chiefs’ facility. He met with Susan Wilson, a clinical psychologist, as he wanted to go over the abuse of painkillers. In these sessions, O’Callaghan told Wilson about his personal life and the fact that he liked men. O’Callaghan met with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli after the 2011 season. He told the general manager that he was clean. They talked about his personal life and Pioli accepted it without a problem.