Report: Lakers’ Markieff Morris, DeMarcus Cousins Fined Huge Money

Los Angeles Lakers veteran forward Markieff Morris got into a thing with Houston Rockets center DeMarcus Cousins and now he is fined. The players engaged in a scuffle in Sunday’s game. The Lakers ended up winning the game.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that Morris got a $35,000 fine. Cousins got $10,000.

Morris and his opponent got double technicals in the first quarter after getting into a scuffle following Morris’ flagrant 1 foul on forward Jae’Sean Tate.

Cousins pushed Morris before helping Tate from the floor. The Lakers player had to leave the game.

Morris to play against Houston after he was fined by the NBA

Rockets head coach Stephen Sillas said that he felt Cousins was supporting the rookie.

“I thought [Cousins] was sticking up for his teammate on the first part, the first technical, and I’ll support him 100% when he’s sticking up for his teammate,”  Silas said. “He was sticking up for Jae’Sean. He wasn’t going to allow anything to happen to his rookie, and I think that’s admirable.

“The [flagrant 2], when he hit LeBron in the face or whatever, that’s a judgment call. Or I don’t even know if it’s a judgment call; it comes from the replay booth. You’re just going to have to live with it. But him sticking up for his teammate shows a lot of who DeMarcus Cousins is.”

Cousins had to leave the game too. He commmitted a flagrant 2 foul on Lakers superstar LeBron James in the second quarter. LeBron received a hit in the head.

Morris and Cousins are considered “tough guys.” Now they have to pay the price for their attitude on the basketball court.

Morris’ Lakers will meet the Rockets again on Tuesday night. Hopefully, the situation won’t escalate again. Los Angeles doesn’t need another altercation. LeBron did his best to soothe the situation. He tried to get Morris to calm down. Lakers players surrounded their teammate and talked him away from another scuffle. Well, Morris had to leave and Cousins got what he asked for.