Report: LeBron James Makes New ‘Decision’ and Switches Brands

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James switched teams in the past, and now he is switching brands. The four-time NBA champion has been part of the league for 18 years. He endorsed Coca Cola throughout his entire career, and now he goes with Pepsi. What changed in the meantime?

Front Office Sports reported that LeBron waved his last goodbye to Coca Cola. He will no longer be related to the brand and its products. Believe it or not, LeBron is making his way to PepsiCo Brands. It’s hard to imagine that LeBron will leave all of the commercials we have seen in the past of him with Sprite and Powerade. King James will now pose with the new Mtn Dew drink called “Rise Energy.”

LeBron James is switching brands to join Zion Williamson

LeBron joined Coca-Cola at 18. According to Ad Age, Coca-Cola is changing the marketing strategy. Guess what… They won’t even have a Super Bowl commercial this year. Crazy, right? LeBron’s contract with the brand expired this past September.

A lot of people criticized LeBron for “The Decision” he made to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and play with Dwyane Wade in Miami. This decision may be even more shocking. A lot of people prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi. A Coca-Cola fan would never grab a Pepsi drink. Simple as that.

Things can get extreme overnight. In the sports business world things change really fast. Front Office Sports also revealed that the four-time NBA champion would join the advertising team for the Mtn Dew product. Zion Williamson, Joel Embiid, Jamal Murray, and A’ja Wilson are part of the same team.

Maybe we should get used to the idea of seeing LeBron sipping his Pepsi and Mtn Dew. It would be pretty weird, but LeBron likes it. His fans would definitely understand. We can’t blame him for making the right business deal. Well, those who don’t like this will definitely step back. Maybe some will even criticize the Lakers superstar for the move he made. Diehard will stick to his side no matter what.