Steve Kerr Reiterates The Truth About The Lakers Having LeBron James, Anthony Davis

Golden State Warriors head coach Frank Vogel led his players to back-to-back wins against Western Conference teams. Stephen Curry and his teammates were playing without Klay Thompson, and they still powerful enough to defeat other teams. The Warriors defeated Anthony Davis and LeBron James. They also defeated the San Antonio Spurs in Wednesday’s game. Kerr is satisfied with the work, but he paid special attention to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Warriors head coach shared his thoughts on the Lakers having LeBron and Davis.

NBA experts can’t really say that the Warriors are better than the Lakers. Even coach Kerr knows that the Lakers are an extremely dominant team. Let’s not forget that Kerr once said that LeBron is the best athlete to ever walk on this planet.

Lakers fans like having LeBron and Davis on the floor

Kerr admires the Lakers roster. He believes that Davis and King James compliment each other really well. Their friendship extends beyond the basketball court.

“That’s been kind of a hallmark of a lot of championship teams, when you have championship-caliber stars who complement each other on and off the court,” Kerr said. “They have two of the very best players in the game who complement each other very well and are very comfortable in their respective roles. It’s obviously a hell of a foundation upon which to build.”

The Warriors head coach has been working with three separate dynasties. He had a front-row seat to understand the importance of complimentary players in winning titles.

But, this duo didn’t work really well in the game against the Warriors. Curry left Staples Center with a win. Curry and Draymond Green were more than enough to defeat the Lakers.

From what we can see, the Warriors are trying to earn their ticked for the playoffs. They had an awful season and Curry is more than motivated to win more games. Los Angeles is here to stop him in the process.

What will happen if the Lakers stop Curry from winning a ring? Will Kerr praise LeBron and Davis? Of course. He can recognize great power.