Truth Behind Julian Edelman ‘Boston I Love You’ Tweet

The New England Patriots finished the 2020 NFL season without one of their veterans. Injuries are pretty horrible, and Patriots’ injury reports were pretty long this past season. The Patriots were adding veteran wideout Julian Edelman to the injury report throughout the entire year, and his most recent tweet shocked the fanbase.

Let’s just say that Edelman’s future with the Patriots is uncertain. He missed 10 games of the regular season. New England placed him on injured reserve right after his knee surgery. Edelman was also added to the reserve/COVID-19 list.

New England may consider bringing Edelman back because he has one year remaining of his contract with the team. But, the Patriots may also decide to trade or release the wideout. He played a key role with the team for over a decade and losing him doesn’t make sense. If this happens, the Patriots will part ways with one of the most significant figures in team history. There’s another option for the veteran. Edelman may decide to call it career and retire.

Edelman has yet to make a decision on his future. He kept fans busy and everyone is asking questions. Something strange happened Tuesday. Edelman sent out a tweet reading, “Boston I love you. You’ve weighed on my and my family’s mind for a long time!”

Was Edelman waiving his last goodbye?

Julian Edelman was grateful in his tweet

There are so many questions related to this tweet. Fans started panicking. Is Edelman really retiring?

Now we know the story behind Edelman’s tweet. It’s his response to a story about the business of his social media pages and his successful investments.

The wideout will turn 35 in May. NFL experts agree that Edelman was terrible in 2020. It was one of his worst seasons since 2013. In his final game in 2020, Edelman marked just one catch. His team lost the game to the 49ers. This was his first time since 2016.

Edelman played all 12 seasons of his NFL career with the Patriots. He is entering the final year of his contract with the organization. If the Patriots keep him around, they will save $4 million.