Watch: LeBron James And Paul Pierce Feud Finally Explained

LeBron James and Paul Pierce have been asking questions for quite some time, and their feud has attracted the attention of many NBA fans. It looks like Pierce hates LeBron a lot, and the roots of their beef are pretty deep.

LeBron had an honor to play against the Boston Celtics for a long time. He confronted Boston players during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat.

In one occasion, the Lakers superstar admitted that Pierce was the closest thing to a rivalry during his time in the NBA. Was this a backhanded compliment from King James? It’s nothing like the comments Pierce made regarding LeBron.

Joe Ali talks about LeBron, Piece, and their feud

Producer Joe Ali has more details about the beef between LeBron and Pierce.

We have to agree that some of these details are shocking. Believe it or not, Pierce shoulder-checked King James during a preseason game with the Brooklyn Nets. He sort of “banned” his teammates from wearing his shoes throughout the season. That’s not all. The Truth also demanded to guard King James during the playoff series. As you may remember, he got lit up for 49 points on 67% shooting.

Pierce hasn’t played for several years, and now he is an ESPN analyst. He always finds way to trash the four-time NBA champion and destroy every achievement he makes. To be honest, LeBron is definitely giving him enough material. The king of basketball is more than brilliant on the floor. LeBron is leading the Lakers to the top, and Pierce doesn’t appreciate any of that. He didn’t even rank the superstar in his top 5 NBA players.

Pierce even said that LeBron went to Miami in free agency just because of him. He even claims that he would have stopped LeBron from winning his titles. But, we aren’t biting in this one.

LeBron is on his way to win his fifth ring, and Anthony Davis will help him in the process. Pierce’s hate won’t stop any of that. Los Angeles will celebrate another championship thanks to LeBron and his great teammates.