Watch: LeBron James Gives us a Tour of His Beast GMC Hummer EV

LeBron James is the best basketball player of all time. He is successful on and off the court. His incredible game has brought him a lot of money. LeBron earned so much in his long NBA career. But, that’s not all. He has deals with a lot of popular brands. He was also a celebrity ambassador for many automakers. Some of these deals weren’t that great. Remember his times with Kia? The four-time NBA champion promoted the Kia K900 sedan. This is just one of the many deals LeBron signed in his career. He has many more successful collaborations in the pocket. The great LeBron is now working with another automaker, and he rolls his Hummer GMC EV.

One thing stands for sure. King James enjoys his partnership and even shared a video of a mini-tour of his new ride.

LeBron enjoys his GMC Hummer

LeBron introduced fans to the Hummer EV Edition 1. In 2020, the model sold out in an hour. The price tag goes at $112,595. The king’s video features a nice Edition 1 done in Pearl White. It has the roof off for an extra experience. LeBron mentioned some of the highlights. Fans took notice of the CrabWalk function. It will be of great help in some off-road conditions. In this way, the vehicle can pivot its way around any existing obstacles. King James is definitely a dan of this truck. He likes the way his Hummer hits 60mph in three seconds. Nothing beats that.

Some of you can’t wait to see the Tesla Cybertruck rival. It’s coming out in 2022 so you will have to wait for some time. GMC gave fans a look into the powerful truck in an animated video of the ride in action. One thing stands for sure, we can’t wait to see more of LeBron’s cool truck. The military-esque picture? That’s out of this world. We can’t wait for one of the most anticipated releases in history. This truck is a perfect mix of excellent performance, a high-tech cabin, and some digital screens.