Anthony Davis Drops Telling Insight on Lakers’ Struggles, LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers could really use Anthony Davis to handle their current struggles. The big man is set to miss some time on the floor due to his injuries. As if this wasn’t enough, Dennis Schroder missed some time, too. Of course, he will soon return to the floor and may join his teammates for the next game. Davis talked about the team’s recent struggles, and from what we can see, his teammates are far from getting into panic mode.

“It’s definitely tough,” the big man said, “but it also shows what we need to get better at, the holes in our team that we need to get better at those things coming into the playoffs. It’s a great learning opportunity for us. … So no one is worried obviously we want to win games and win games fast just because to get back in the win column and make guys feel good.”

Anthony Davis works with teammates despite his struggles

The All-Star break is almost here and Lakers players have a chance to get back in shape. Once AD returns from injury, the Lakers should be ready to reclaim their throne.

LeBron James turned 36 in December and his elite basketball keeps the team strong. The four-time NBA champion is also the front-runner to win the MVP award in 2021. AD says LeBron is more than concerned about winning a title than an individual award.

“Put it to you like this,” Davis said. “I know that that man does not care about MVP awards. He cares about championships. So if he loses the MVP and wins the championship like he did last year, he doesn’t care. So that’s what his mindset is, he’s not focused on MVPs. He’s focused on Finals MVPs.”

LeBron was pretty upset that he didn’t win the MVP award in 2020. If he keeps playing at the same pace, LeBron will win his MVP award.

Davis is not playing but, he helps his teammates at the sidelines.

“Something might happen while a player is in the game and they want to see it to see how they can adjust,” he said. “And so that’s kind of my job. I see something on the floor, I kind of use the iPad and film because film never lies. Where I can show guys what they’re doing wrong and what they’re doing right. And hopefully, it can benefit us when they go back on the floor.”