Anthony Davis Releases Surprisingly Confident Message Regarding Recent Offensive Woes

The Los Angeles Lakers are a dominant force in the NBA. They have a 17-6 record at this point of the regular season despite all the struggles. Well, it’s not like there were too many struggles on the field. LeBron James is doing great. Anthony Davis is doing great despite the offensive struggles he had earlier in the season. Los Angeles will continue to dominate the NBA in the 2020-21 season.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is not really worried about Davis. He is not worried about his struggles at all. Davis sustained a lot of injuries and he needed plenty of time to recover.

Anthony Davis wins games despite his offensive mistakes

Los Angeles defeated the Denver Nuggets in Thursday’s game. The Lakers big man addressed his struggles on the offensive end of the ball. He was pretty confident about his game. We know that Davis will be able to contribute to the game in many other ways. He is a real leader and his skills have helped the Lakers win many games. Moreover, the addition of Davis was of big help inside the Orlando bubble. Davis was the right player to join the Lakers. Pairing him with LeBron was the best decision LA has ever made.

“I’m a two-way player,” Davis said. “I don’t rely on offense for me to have a great season. I’m doing everything I can on the defensive end. … So when you are a two-way player, you don’t have to rely on one aspect of your game which is scoring. I can help my team win on the defensive end and make shots when I need to.”

Davis entered Thursday’s game with decent averages. He was averaging 22.3 points per game. He scored 25+ points in seven games. His numbers will definitely improve later in the season. Davis’ best game happened in his hometown. He defeated the Chicago Bulls with 37 points.

Davis’ offensive struggles are not really an issue right now. He has a big role on the roster.