Cam Newton Gives Honest Admission About Signing With Patriots

Cam Newton is coming off a bad season, but he will never forget his signing with the New England Patriots. The 2015 NFL MVP signed a one-year deal with the Patriots in the summer of 2020. The Carolina Panthers released Newton following the 2019 season. He entered free agency and spent several months on the open market. Head coach Bill Belichick brought him in New England. However, he did make Newton compete with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. Newton got the job but his efforts weren’t enough.

Newton signed with the Patriots and he was supposed to replace Tom Brady. TB12 left the Patriots to play under Bruce Arians in Tampa Bay. Newton’s time with the Patriots didn’t go well, and the team missed the playoffs. Brady and his Buccaneers teammates won the Super Bowl.

Cam Newton looks forward to another signing with the Patriots

In his interview with Brandon Marshall’s I Am Athlete, Newton revealed details of his deal with the team.

“What other options did I have? I intimidate a lot of people,” Newton said. “Honestly, I intimidated the franchise that I was at. . . . Where that franchise was going, I was not in the plans. So by the time I got released, the only place that made sense for me, for my career was New England. There was a lot of behind the scenes talk that I wasn’t privy to about the plans moving forward. I wasn’t in the plans. But that’s the business and I learned that. I respect Matt Rhule and David Tepper for putting me through that experience.”

We don’t know how will things go for the Patriots in 2021. Belichick may bring Newton back. If he decides to do this, the Patriots will have to sign enough weapons. Newton can’t do it all by himself. He needs extra help on the field.

The Patriots have entered the 2021 NFL season with great uncertainty. They need a quarterback, wide receivers, tight end, and maybe even linebackers. Belichick will have to repair some of the damage players and coaches caused in 2020.