Cam Newton Reveals Personal Offseason Goal After Shaky 2020 With Patriots

The New England Patriots missed the playoffs and players are getting ready for a tougher season. 2020 was really disappointing for the Patriots nation. Some of the veterans are really frustrated as they all hoped for a different outcome. Head coach Bill Belichick had great plans, but his decision to replace TB12 with the 2015 MVP didn’t work. Cam Newton isn’t really disappointed and he has an awesome offseason goal.

Newton could help the Patriots make the playoffs. NFL experts encourage Belichick to move on from the veteran. Well, Newton has great plans and maybe this will give him a second shot with the team.

Cam Newton to hit his offseason goal

The veteran will enter the open market after a terrible season with the Patriots. Newton was a great ball-carrier for the team, but his passing ability wasn’t that strong. Moreover, he hit some career lows and experts are far from happy. Newton couldn’t adjust to the Patriots offense. Maybe offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels should have changed his winning formula.

The Patriots may decide to give Newton a second chance. The quarterback took to his Instagram stories to reveal his offseason plans. Believe it or not, the tough guy plans to lose 20 pounds. That’s a lot for a big player. Will this weight loss affect his power on the field? Newton would measure at 220-230 and this may not be that good. Well, it may work if he decides to change his style.

This may have something to do with a potential pliability plan. That would be of great help with his throwing skills. Newton is pretty ripped and going leaner can support his future plans.

We all know that the veteran quarterback is vegan. He is all-in when it comes to healthy lifestyle and great exercise. Newton knows how to shrink and prepare his body for the games. Belichick knows this. He knows that Newton scores well. But he really needs strong weapons.