Cam Newton Shares Awesome Photo Of Posing With Dozen Donuts From Dunkin’

New England Patriots veteran quarterback Cam Newton is all-in when it comes to eating healthy, but this doesn’t stop him from posing with a bunch of donuts. Well, he may not eat those donuts after all.

The 2015 NFL MVP likes to indulge in one of the favorite pastries in the country. Newton’s fans follow every move he makes, including the photos he shares on social media. We couldn’t ignore this particular trend. Do you know that every Friday, Newton takes his kids out for donuts?

Cam Newton to spend less money on donuts… and clothes

Newton spent the 2020 season in New England, and Dunkin’s donuts turned out to be a must. The quarterback took to his Instagram account to share a series of photos. The first photo is Newton with a box of 12 on his lap. We can also see the kids digging in from the back seat of the vehicle.

Newton also posted similar lines of photos from Krispy Kreme. We can’t really say whether Newton prefers the donuts that come from the South or the ones that come from New England.

The quarterback uses every minute of his free time to have fun with the family. We saw him having fun with the friends, too.

New England missed the playoffs in 2020, and Newton had plenty of time to think of his future. He has yet to make a decision on his next move. Head coach Bill Belichick has yet to make a decision on his next franchise quarterback. But, Newton has enough time to think of every other sphere of his life.

Finances come first. The Patriots quarterback has spent thousands and thousands of dollars on clothes he only wears once. Recycling his closet is pretty challenging, but Newton will use his free time to get that done.

Newton earned $122.53 million in his ten seasons in the NFL. He can afford spending on cool clothes, but he is trying to change his approach to shopping in 2021.

Will Newton stay in New England for a while? The only thing we can do right now is wait and see what happens next.