Cam Newton Spotted in Awesome Video at Georgia Roller Rink

Veteran quarterback Cam Newton uses his free time to relax at Roller Rink. Yes, the 2015 NFL MVP is an expert rollerskater.

The Pro-Bowler has so many talents, and keeps impressing NFL fans.

So, we got a chance to see Newton’s talent on Valentine’s Day. The quarterback took his family to a Smyrna, George roller rink. We loved the sight! Newton was having the time of his life skating joyfully in his pink blazer and jeans. TMZ Sports released the video.

Cam Newton to get busy after the Roller Rink adventure

When it comes to football, Newton didn’t have much success in 2020. He signed a one-year deal in July and Bill Belichick made him compete with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer in training camp. Newton became No.1 quarterback with the Patriots, but his debut with the team was a complete failure. His passing game was awful. He had just 8 touchdown passes to 10 interceptions this past season. It was Newton’s worst season as a professional player.

The veteran ran for 12 scores, but New England missed the playoffs for the first time in decade. Newton tested positive for COVID-19 in Week 3, and finished the season without any offensive weapons. Most analysts blame Newton for the failure.

Newton felt bad, but he is ready to make a change. He is ready to do his best and play better. Maybe the Patriots will bring him back to Foxborough. Newton announced big changes, and he is working on his weight. He will also change his fashion choices. The veteran pledged to lose 20 pounds ahead of the 2021 NFL season.

If you follow Newton on social media, you probably noticed the posts in which the quarterback said he wouldn’t wait until late in the offseason to make a decision on his career. Where will Newton play in 2021? He learned so much in 2020. It was a long season for the quarterback.

Keyshawn Johnson and Mike Reiss discussed Newton’s chances to return to New England. NFL Insider Mike Giardi made a case for another season. If given the right tools, Newton could win a Super Bowl.