Lakers Release Injury Report For Saturday’s Game vs Miami

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the game to Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets. It was an awful 109-98 loss for the Lakers, and many would agree it was one of the highly anticipated games for the season. LA was short-handed in the loss, and they may lose even more players for the upcoming game. The Lakers has released the final injury report ahead of the game against the Miami Heat.

Anthony Davis hasn’t played for a week due to the calf strain he suffered recently. The Lakers big man also reaggravated his Achilles tendonosis issue. He is expected to miss multiple games, and the Lakers won’t have on the court for four weeks. He will be re-evaluated and the medical staff will make a decision on his performance.

Dennis Schroder missed the game to the Nets, and his absence was felt. Playing against Kyrie Irving was hard, and LA really needed Schroder on the field. The German native was supposed to go against Irving.

Lakers release concerning injury report ahead of the game vs Miami

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel will enter Saturday’s game with a depleted roster. His offense struggled on the floor. Davis missed a couple of games earlier in the season, and LA didn’t recover. We all know that LA is a team that rarely fails to score 100 points a game.

The Lakers also struggle with their 3-point shot. This has been a really big problem for the team in the past couple of weeks.

NBA experts discuss the team’s schedule, and things don’t look good at all. In other words, the Lakers have really tough schedule and the NBA has yet to release the schedule for the second half of the year.

LA will play against the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City and the Portland Trail Blazers are next. The Phoenix Suns come right after these two games.

Vogel will need his players back. LeBron James looks great on the floor but he could really use some extra help. Let’s see how will the purple and gold finish the season. They do hope to repeat the success they had in Orlando. Will they be able to do this?