Lakers Reportedly Urged to Shop Young Guard at Trade Deadline

The Los Angeles Lakers have to win more games at this point of the regular season. They lost the highly anticipated match against the Brooklyn Nets, and things got really hot. Big man Anthony Davis is out of the game, and the team has to make some changes. According to recent reports, the Lakers are advised to shop their young guard ahead of the trade deadline.

The front office may soon finish the deal.

Horton-Tucker was amazing in the preseason. He got a good role in the rotation, averaging 16.5 minutes per game, 6.8 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 1.8 assists. However, the young guard played in just 6 minutes in two of the last three contests.

Lakers to shop young guard THT

According to Bleacher Report, the Lakers should shop Horton-Tucker.

“Horton-Tucker’s youth and upside arguably make him the best trade chip in L.A.’s collection, since the club can’t trade any first-round picks,” Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley wrote. “If the Lakers pursue even a mid-tier target, Horton-Tucker might have to be included to get the deal done.”

Horton-Tucker looked up to brilliant basketball players. He watched tape of LeBron James and Rajon Rondo, and this helped him sharpen his game.

“I used to watch film with Rondo in the Bubble, after certain games, back at the hotel,” Horton-Tucker told Mike Trudell of “Having someone like that around, and also ‘Bron who would always be there to let you know what you’re doing wrong so you can fix it. Having those two guys was already crazy, but then to have other guys on the team just to help you too, was really helpful.”

The Lakers may trade Montrezl Harrell and Kyle Kuzma, too. Harrell is a brilliant player, and he had a big key role off the bench for the team.

Kuzma is added to pretty much every trade rumor. ESPN’s Bobby wrote on Kuzma’s deal.

Young Kuzma didn’t like these rumors, but he is fine with those words now.

“Kob’ always told me, if they’re not talking about you, then you should be worried,” Kuzma said last season. “I’m the talk of the town.

“I’ve been in trade talks for three years, so every year that I’m here, I’m going to be in them. That’s just how I see it. That’s how media on this side of town is. I’ve dealt with it.”