Lakers Veteran Has Strong Reaction to Fiery Damian Lillard Rant

The Minnesota Timberwolves replaced head coach Ryan Saunders with Toronto Raptors assistant coach Chris Finch. NBA teams don’t usually hire coaches from another staff in the middle of the season, and this move came like a surprise. Finch is a great coach and he spent the last decade in the league. However, not everyone supported this move. Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard pulled out an angry rant.

Lillard was far from happy with Finch’s hiring. He thought that his former assistant coach David Vanterpool didn’t get hired.

Vanterpool joined Minnesota in 2019. He coached Lillard in Portland in the seasons from 2012 to 2019. He is a member of the coaching staff, and it would have made perfect sense to give Vanterpool a chance. Is Minnesora looking for a fresh name? Probably. They hired Finch after all.

Lakers veteran Cook responds to Damian Lillard rant

Lillard isn’t the only player to oppose Minnesota’s coaching move. Los Angeles Lakers guard Quinn Cook shares the same opinion.

Vanterpool has fans around the NBA, so he will probably get a job in the near future.

When it comes to Cook’s team, LA entered 2021 like a dominant team. They had the best record in January, playing great on both ends of the ball. Lakers players do wonders on the floor, but they have seen some struggles lately.

The greatest problem comes from the 3-point line. In 16 games, LA was shooting 40% from beyond the arc. That’s the third-best in the league. LA is shooting 35.5% from three, and ranks 21st in the NBA. That’s a drastic drop for the offense.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was shooing about 57% from three. In the last 15 games, KCP has had more than one 3-pointer in a game in two occasions. He is one of the best shooters on the roster, and these numbers sure come like a shock.

The Lakers looked like favorites to win the title, but their sloppy games confuse experts. Players rely on LeBron James, and he is the ultimate leader for the team. The four-time NBA champion is 36 and he plays his best basketball at the moment.