LeBron James Gets Hilarious Bald Spot Assist From Lakers Bench

LeBron James is making headlines again, and this time it’s his bald spot. The four-time NBA champion had some hair issues in Friday’s 102-93 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. Yes, LeBron has a bunch of awesome teammates and they helped him tame his hair. These guys went out of their way to make the king aware of his “situation.”

At one point of the game, Alfonzo McKinnie signaled to LeBron from the Lakers bench, and the whole thing was caught in a video. That’s love! These guys are looking out for him!

LeBron James covers his bald spot

We don’t get to see anything like this every day. A lot of people praised McKinney for his efforts. He got out of his seat just to grab LeBron’s attention and warn him about his hair. This is definitely love…

McKinnie is doing his best to stick around LeBron. The king of basketball will definitely like this gesture. He likes when his close teammates take care of him.

McKinnie didn’t have a key role on the Lakers’ rotation in 2021. He is averaging 3.5 minutes in 16 games. He may be trying to get more minutes on the floor.

The trade deadline is almost here, and McKinnie may be trying to secure his spot on the roster. The Lakers are considering a few options, and trading Alfonzo is one of the plans. Will Alfonzo earn his spot on the roster? He is already here, but we don’t really know if he will stay around for a while.

LeBron likes his teammates and he will probably have a big say in Alfonzo’s case. The king of basketball isn’t directly related to the front office but he has great experience and knows a lot about basketball. Coaches take his words into consideration. LeBron knows what he is doing.

The Lakers are trying to defend their title, but they need to bolster the roster to win more games. They had a four-game losing streak, and NBA analysts started panicking. Will LA fix the damage? They need Anthony Davis back on the floor.