LeBron James Humbled By Passing Wilt Chamberlain On All-Time Field Goals List

LeBron James helped the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Denver Nuggets. His triple-double was just enough to lead the Lakers to a 114-93 win. The four-time NBA champion finished the night with 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. He hit a big milestone in that game. Great LeBron James reacted to passing Wilt Chamberlain for third on the all-time field goals list.

The Lakers superstar has made 12,691 field goals in his NBA career. LeBron passed Chamberlain with the second field goal against the Nuggets. It was a big game, and LeBron had amazing numbers.

“That does something for me, because I’m a guy who grew up reading about the game, studying the game, studying players past and present, and I wanted to see who was dominant in their era and laid the groundwork for young kids like myself who started to play the game at 9 years old,” LeBron said of passing Chamberlain.

LeBron James reacts on passing great Chamberlain

It was a humbling moment for the king. The kid from Akron became a superstar.

“Defenses have definitely been trying to stop me from putting the ball in the basket throughout my career, and for the majority, I’ve been able to score a few buckets and have my name linked with some of the greats to ever play this game of basketball,” he said. “Pretty cool feat.”

LeBron is having a MVP season. NBA analysts took notice of his stats. It’s more than obvious that the king of basketball is determined to win his fifth title. Interestingly, LeBron trails Brooklyn Nets veteran Kevin Durant in the first returns of the All-Star Game voting. The Nets superstar leads the NBA with 2.3 million votes. LeBron got 2.29 million votes. It’s a tiny difference, but LeBron will soon catch up on his rival.

The Lakers have a good record at this point of the regular season. LeBron and AD do miracles on the floor. Davis had some struggles but he looks much better now. LeBron has great motivation to move on. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is an optimist. He has the perfect winning formula for his superstars.