LeBron James’ Powerful Endorsement of Draymond Green’s Rant Against NBA’s Treatment of Players

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James’ endorsement of Draymond Green came at the right time. The whole thing started with Andre Drummond and his situation with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Green is definitely not a fan of this move. T

The Cavaliers are actively shopping Drummond. While trade discussions are going on, Cleveland decided that the disgruntled center will not suit up for the franchise. Cleveland lost to the Warriors on Monday night, and Green shared his thoughts on the “double standard” in the league. He mentioned Drummond’s situation and the case of many other players. This was his way of blasting the NBA for its treatment of professional players.

Green talked about James Harden and his trade to the Brooklyn Nets. He also mentioned DeMarcus Cousins and the way he found out about his trade. Yes, Cousins found out he was traded in an interview after the All-Star Game. Green received his fine for speaking his mind on what he thought should happen with other players.

The Warriors veteran says that professional players need to be treated with the same respect teams get. Teams have special rights. Players have rights, too. It’s interesting to note that players get blasted every time they want a different situation. When teams decide to trade players, they have to stay in shape. Double standards, right? Green asked the league to protect players from embarrassment.

Lakers superstar Anthony Davis got a $100,000 fine for demanding a trade publicly. Drummond is traded publicly, and he had to stay professional. I don’t think so.

LeBron James’ endorsement for Draymond Green is fire

Green’s comments attracted LeBron. He is one of the most vocal players in the NBA. He has always talked about major issues in the NBA.

The king of basketball directed a diatribe at the association for organizing an All-Star Game despite the coronavirus pandemic. Most players stand with LeBron in this one.

Green respects LeBron and appreciates his support. He really likes how LeBron handles the game in his 18th NBA season.

When it comes to the king and his game, he is averaging 25.5 points, 8-0 rebounds, and 8.0 assists per game with the team. They have a 21-7 record at this point of the season.