Los Angeles Lakers Get Unfortunate New On Anthony Davis Injury

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the game to the Brooklyn Nets, and it was probably the worst loss in the regular season. The team played without several players. Big man Anthony Davis missed the game due to an injury and he is expected to miss more games. According to sources, the big man will stay on the sidelines for at least four weeks.

Davis re-aggravated his Achilles injury. Doctors re-evaluated him, and now we have an update on Davis’ current status.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said Davis will stay out of the game for weeks due to his calf strain and Achilles tendinosis in his right leg. Experts believe he will stay out for at least four weeks. The four-week period is just an estimation. Dave McMenamin from ESPN confirmed the information.

Anthony Davis to recover from his injury

When discussing Davis’ injury with media members, the Lakers head coach said, “We want to try to put this fully behind him and be conservative with it, just to make sure that it’s fully healed before he’s back.”

Davis will need enough time to rest and recover. Seeing him out for a month makes sense at this point. Davis may even need more time to get ready for the second half of the regular season. The Lakers have a pretty tough schdedule, and the NBA has yet to release the schedule for the second half of the year. Davis will have to stay strong for the postseason. The Lakers have a really strong record at this point, and they will probably make the playoffs again. The team made the NBA Finals in the 2020 season and won the championship inside the NBA bubble. It was a good season for the team and players are trying to replicate the success.

King James and his teammates will do their best to win more games in the next few weeks. The four-time NBA champion has already been in a similar situation. He has played without his star teammates, and yes, he has already won games without AD.